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It does look this good in person. After years of building countless design validation testing units, we came up with our latest design. We took each piece of feedback from our customers and redesigned it from the ground. Just because it hangs in your garage doesn’t mean it can’t be aestheically appealing.

Wirelessly Controlled

The Auxx-Lift comes with an easy to use wireless remote control allowing you to lower/raise your platform from a safe distance.
Auto High & Low Points

Programmable stopping points allow you to set high and low point parameters, prevent your items hitting the ceiling or floor.

Auto High & Low Points

Lift will automatically stop in scenarios where remote control loses connection or runs out of battery.

Active Press

Button to move platform needs to be continuously pressed to avoid accidental damage or injury.

Active Press

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Benefits of Storage Lifts

Powerful Motors

Powerful tubular motor can lift even the heaviest items in your garage. We offer a max. load capacity of 600 lbs. (Motors were tested to 2,400 lbs). Motors are IP44 certified (Splash proof). Advantage of the T-motor lies in its geometry taking up only inches from the ceiling space, while competitors require up to 48 in of space.

Strut Channels

Strong 14G steel struts w/ ceiling mounting holes 2in on center. Works with all major joist/rafter spacings. SPAX® Hex Washer Head PowerLags® and washers included for joists attachment. Each Rail is lag screwed to four ceiling joists for maximum safety.

Wire Rope

Galvanized 7x19 Air craft cables wrapped in nylon coating. Each cable is made from 7 strands that each include 19 wires, for a total of 133 wires. Up to 4,200lbs breaking strength per each cable.

Support Beams

Support beams are spaced no more than 24 in o.c. to avoid any deflection.


Platform available in Silver-Gray, Pearl-White, and Stainless Steel. Industrial powder-coated paint finish protects against scratches and rust for lasting appeal. Decking panels are made from heavy duty 4-gauge (5.5mm diameter) welded wire mesh that are supported by durable 1.8mm thick perimeter support beams and 1.5mm thick interior beams at 24in o.c.

The mounting area on the ceiling is roughly 5 ft. x 5 ft. (Consisting of the two rollers and two strut channels) You can have light fixture/sprinklers etc. inside or outside the mounting area The footprint of a 4x8 platform is about 5 ft. x 9 ft. (You want to have a clearance around the 4x8 sized lift) The lift can be rotated and can go in any direction
There is a lot of flexibility. You want to hit 4 joists ideally, but you can also extend the strut channels to hit a 4th or 5th joist. The location of your lift might be too close to an obstructing item (duct, shelve, washer/dryer) You can still mount the struts close to the obstructing item directly underneath and just move the motors over on the 5 feet strut channel
The lift has multiple internal locks and the lift is always locked in place unless you lower or raise it. During a power outage you can use a regular step-ladder to get your items or lower the lift once the power is back on
This lift was designed to provide maximum storage, safety, convenience and a strikingly attractive design. We also eliminated the shortcomings of similar storage products such as an unclean design, inaccessibility, low-quality components and safety issues, We added extra features such as a wireless remote, three extra support beams and redundant safety features not found on competitor's and we use a superior and strong storage platform, C-channel beams and wire mesh decking. The lift also has numerous ceiling connections at each support for added strength. The maximum strength and durability and industrial quality design make it stand out as well. It has an adjustable height for greater convenience and a wide range of storage options (multiple units can be installed side by side)

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