High Lift Garage Conversion

Garage Door Standard Opening Heights

Conventional garage doors usually open into the garage at a standard elevation of around 7-8 feet. However, the interior height of a garage can reach up to 12-15 feet. This represents a substantial volume of space that could be put to more effective use. Garage Living has the expertise to harness this additional space and generate sufficient clearance to house a car lift.

What is a Garage High Lift and do I need it?

A high lift garage door conversion refers to the alteration of an existing garage door’s operational elements to enable it to open at an elevated level within the garage area. This modification is achieved by incorporating new tracks, springs, drums, and cables, all while leveraging your current garage door. A wall-mounted LiftMaster garage door opener is used to shift operations from the ceiling to the wall, thereby maximizing available space. Essentially, the conversion allows the garage door to open in an upward curve, closer to the ceiling.

The RPS Team

RPS offers comprehensive garage door services. A design consultant from RPS will come to your home, conduct professional measurements of your garage, and address any queries you might have. Following this, our skilled installers will carry out the high lift garage door conversion.

Our team is also equipped to install your ANSI certified car lift. Although you can continue using your current garage door, we recommend discussing with your design consultant about the possibility of upgrading your garage door. This opens up a range of options, enabling you to enjoy the enhanced insulation, performance, functionality, and contemporary aesthetic that a modern garage door style can bring to your home.

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