Garage LED Lighting

HexGlow Lighting Kits, initially gaining traction in the automotive and detailing sectors, have now become a go-to choice for illuminating spaces such as garages, businesses, gyms, and homes. These kits not only infuse a sense of luxury and contemporary aesthetics into your space but also deliver exceptional brightness and functionality. What sets HexGlow apart is its enhanced plug-and-play connector system, designed to streamline the installation process, making it faster and more user-friendly than ever before!


At RPS, we believe in providing a comprehensive service that goes beyond just selling lighting kits. Our team of experts will personally visit your space to take precise measurements, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique needs. We’ll also guide you in selecting the most suitable type of lighting, considering factors like your space’s size, purpose, and aesthetic. Once you’ve made your choice, our professionals will handle the installation process, employing our easy-to-use plug-and-play connector system. With RPS, you’re not just purchasing lights; you’re investing in a complete, hassle-free lighting solution.

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