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Residential Parking Solutions installs high quality 4 post car lifts for residential use. Increase the parking space in your garage without the cost of a major renovation or expensive off-site storage. Take advantage of the unused space in your garage.

We are an innovative residential car parking solution provider that specializes in parking solution in small areas. We understand your needs and frustrations when it comes to finding the sweet spot to park multiple vehicles in one porch. Our services are defined by quality materials and innovative engineering techniques for maximum utility. We believe in providing smart solutions that are aligned with our forward-thinking clientele.

Will a Car Lift Fit in My Garage?

Every garage is different and there are 3 factors that will determine if a car lift will fit:

  • floor space
  • ceiling height
  • garage door placement

The last thing is the garage door. You may need a high lift conversion for your door so it opens at a higher level inside your garage. Contact us. In most cases, we can tell you over the phone if you can fit a car lift in your garage. You’ll just need to measure the height of your cars combined and the height of your garage from floor to ceiling.


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Benefits of a Home Lift

Having a home car lift in your garage offers a myriad of benefits that will transform your parking experience. Maximizing garage space is a game-changer as it efficiently utilizes the vertical dimension, adding an extra parking spot without expanding the garage’s footprint. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a family with multiple vehicles, accommodating multiple cars becomes a breeze with a car lift. Protecting your vehicles from potential damage is a significant advantage as the lift elevates them off the ground, safeguarding against bumps and scratches. Additionally, accessing your vehicles becomes hassle-free, eliminating the need to shuffle cars around in a cramped space.

auto stacker porsches
  • Maximizes Garage Space
  • Protects Vehicles
  • Convenient Access
  • Increased Property Value
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Weather Protection

The versatility of the newly created space allows you to use it for other purposes like a workshop, storage area, or a recreational space, giving you even more value. With safety features built into car lifts, you can rest assured that your vehicles remain secure while raised. Enjoy the convenience of easy installation and avoid the hassle of searching for parking spaces, especially in urban areas. A home car lift is a cost-effective and stylish solution that not only increases your property’s value but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your garage. From car maintenance to weather protection and clutter reduction, the benefits are undeniable, making a car lift an excellent investment for anyone looking to optimize their garage space and parking possibilities.

A garage home lift, also known as a car lift or automotive lift, is a mechanical system designed to elevate vehicles off the ground for additional parking space. It consists of sturdy columns or posts, a lifting mechanism, and a platform to support the vehicle. By driving onto the lift platform, the vehicle is safely raised, creating space underneath for another vehicle or storage.

Yes, home garage lifts are engineered with safety as a top priority. Reputable manufacturers adhere to strict safety standards, and the lifts include safety features like locking mechanisms, safety locks, and automatic shut-offs. As long as the lift is installed correctly and used according to the manufacturer's guidelines, it is a safe and reliable way to store vehicles.

Home garage lifts come in various configurations to accommodate different types of vehicles, from small sedans to larger SUVs and trucks. Make sure to choose a lift that has the appropriate weight capacity and platform dimensions to fit your specific vehicle requirements.

The space required for a home garage lift varies depending on the lift's design and specifications. Generally, you'll need enough vertical clearance to accommodate the raised height of your vehicle and some additional clearance for safety. It's essential to consider the dimensions of your garage and the lift before installation to ensure a proper fit.

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