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A garage home lift, also known as a car lift or automotive lift, is a mechanical system designed to elevate vehicles off the ground for additional parking space. It consists of sturdy columns or posts, a lifting mechanism, and a platform to support the vehicle. By driving onto the lift platform, the vehicle is safely raised, creating space underneath for another vehicle or storage.
Yes, home garage lifts are engineered with safety as a top priority. Reputable manufacturers adhere to strict safety standards, and the lifts include safety features like locking mechanisms, safety locks, and automatic shut-offs. As long as the lift is installed correctly and used according to the manufacturer's guidelines, it is a safe and reliable way to store vehicles.
Home garage lifts come in various configurations to accommodate different types of vehicles, from small sedans to larger SUVs and trucks. Make sure to choose a lift that has the appropriate weight capacity and platform dimensions to fit your specific vehicle requirements.
The space required for a home garage lift varies depending on the lift's design and specifications. Generally, you'll need enough vertical clearance to accommodate the raised height of your vehicle and some additional clearance for safety. It's essential to consider the dimensions of your garage and the lift before installation to ensure a proper fit. The best way to tell is to have our professionals come perform a free site evaluation.

Yes, home garage lifts offer versatility and can be used for various purposes beyond parking cars. The space created by the lift can be used as a workshop, extra storage, or even a recreational area, depending on your needs.

The installation time for a home garage lift can vary based on the lift model and complexity of the installation. Professional installation typically takes a few hours to a day, but it's best to consult with the installation team for a more accurate estimate.

Most home garage lifts run on standard 110V electrical outlets, which are commonly available in residential garages. Our team of experts will confirm if your garage is suitable for a home lift. 

Yes, a home garage lift can increase the value of your property, especially for car enthusiasts or those with multiple vehicles. An upgraded garage with added parking capacity is an attractive feature for potential buyers and adds to the overall appeal of your home.

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